Highly focused molecular profiling with the NeoTYPE® Next-Gen Cancer-Specific Profiles delivers fast, actionable results

The NeoTYPE Next-Gen Cancer-Specific Profiles are the first set of targeted molecular profiles designed to detect genomic alterations in clinically significant driver genes based on multi-method detection techniques centered primarily on next-gen sequencing. This highly-focused approach encompasses the ability to detect clinically actionable mutations in genes recommended for testing by the CAP/AMP Guidelines, current literature and clinical trials related to specific hematological and solid tumor cancers.

In addition, the NeoTYPE Next-Gen Cancer-Specific Profiles offer our pathology clients the unique opportunity to perform Tech-Only FISH in the majority of Profiles, which gives them enhanced ordering flexibility. Testing with the NeoTYPE Profiles eliminates the complexity of molecular profiling and simplifies your ability to obtain comprehensive actionable solutions to suit all your needs.

In addition, the majority of NeoTYPE Cancer Profiles can now have FISH testing components ordered as Tech-Only or Global. This offering, in conjunction with NeoGenomics’ ever-expanding menu, provides great clinical opportunities for our clients.

Benefits/Advantages of Targeted Profile Testing with NeoTYPE Next-Gen Cancer-Specific Profiles:

  • Targeted: Test design is tailored to driver mutations in specific tumors
  • Actionable: All genes have clinical significance when mutated
  • Comprehensive: Unique reporting of diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic implications
  • Flexible: Choose global or technical-only service for FISH and most IHC
  • Efficient: With fast TAT’s, NeoTYPEs can replace first-line single-gene testing
  • Quantitative: Reporting of mutant allele frequencies is useful for monitoring
  • Plasma testing for hematologic diseases: Allows for profiling when biopsy is contraindicated or when there are no circulating blasts
  • Cost-effective

Hematologic Disease Profiles

These Profiles offer a targeted approach to understanding the disease biology and establish a platform for assessing the diagnosis, determining prognosis, and assisting in the therapy selection process.

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Solid Tumor Profiles

NeoTYPE Solid Tumor Profiles are designed to provide precise characterization of actionable driver mutations important in that specific tumor. The reduced DNA requirements of NGS coordinate well with fine needle biopsy and other minute sample sizes that sometimes limit solid tumor analysis.

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