Online Orders

Online Orders

Take charge of complex testing while saving time and reducing errors

Online orders improves ordering accuracy, enhances communication and adds efficiency to care for both you and your patients. Learn the top five ways Online Orders will help get you the best results.

Five ways Online Ordering can improve your day-to-day workflow


Reduce calls back to your office or lab by 93%!

Our clients who use Online Ordering enjoy fewer interruptions in their work, as we rarely need to call back for missing or ambiguous directions or data. During the order process, the system alerts users to critical test and specimen information so that we can begin processing promptly upon receipt.


Have immediate access to all new tests and menu enhancements.

NeoGenomics frequently launches new tests and updates existing tests and pathways. Online ordering screens reflect these changes immediately, while paper requisitions in our clients’ hands expire. Due to the breadth of our menu, we use several specialized requisitions, while tests for all indications are readily available in Online Ordering. Further, ordering screens allow more space to see and understand testing options than is available on paper requisitions. Online ordering is the way to stay current with the most innovative and effective testing we offer.


Use a collaborative approach to test-ordering.

Online orders bring a great deal of freedom to test ordering because proximity to the physical specimen is no longer needed. With web-based test orders, client laboratories are free to share order input opportunities between departments, staff positions, shifts, and different facilities as a matter of routine or for special cases. With the “Save but Do Not Submit” function, patient demographics can be entered early while flow results are pending, for example. Pathologists can enter tests and delegate entry of billing information. Online ordering creates visibility, flexibility, and it enables the right people to specialize in different parts of the task.


Know exactly what your specimens’ status is during the transit period.

Once a client submits an online order, the case registers with NeoGenomics as “Specimen in Transit” and a dedicated Logistics team monitors it until arrival. Follow-up begins 24 hours after client order submission if we have not received the specimen. Clients can verify receipt by seeing the status change to the first test processing step. In this way, both our clients and our laboratory have a secure, patient-specific means of following specimens from your facility to ours.


Keep only the paper you want to keep.

Going paperless is a great benefit for some centers. But it’s not required; clients can easily keep a one page summary of their online order (the “manifest”) that contains all the key data a standard, completed requisition does. Everyone still reaps the benefits of eliminating costs, resources, and time involved in custom-printing multi-part forms, shipping them, and keeping them in stock at your sites.

Client Services

NeoGenomics prides itself on our unparalleled customer support team. If you have questions regarding test information, specimen requirements, turnaround times, test add-on, and patient results please feel free to reach out to a Client Services Advocate at or call 866.776.5907, option 3.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering improves ordering accuracy, enhances communication and adds efficiency to care for both you and your patients. Learn the top five ways Online Ordering will help get you the best results.
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