(Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization)

A thorough, customizable set of panels and probes

Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) testing utilizes the combined strengths of traditional cytogenetics, DNA hybridization and fluorescent microscopy to identify sub-microscopic chromosomal structural rearrangements, variants, and low-frequency abnormalities beyond the limits of classic cytogenetic testing. Our full menu of FISH panels and tests provide physicians with flexible ordering options to aid in rapid and cost-effective characterization of hematologic diseases and solid tumors.

Highlights of Our FISH Program

  • Breadth of HemeFISH® hematologic probe library - A well-known industry standard
  • Comprehensive solid tumor menu - Enables timely clinical decision-making
  • Flexible tech-only FISH options available - Keep care local and control costs for >95% of probes
  • Live webinars and on-demand training - Further your understanding of technical and clinical results with NeoUniversity®
  • Fast, reliable results - >95% of tests have a 4-5 day TAT
  • Expanded AML, MDS and plasma cell myeloma panels - Heightened confidence in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, aligned with the latest guidelines
  • Plasma cell enrichment included - Improves ability to diagnose MM/MGUS


  • Focused panels for hematologic disease diagnosis and risk stratification
    • Examples: AML, ALL, NHL, MDS, MPN, and MM panels
  • High-grade B-cell lymphoma FISH panel reflex option for a stepwise testing approach for diagnosis and classification of B-cell lymphomas
  • Plasma cell enrichment performed automatically improves ability to diagnose MM/MGUS patients

Solid Tumor FISH

  • Your NTRK testing resource
    • The only lab offering NTRK FISH, NTRK NGS, and Pan-TRK IHC
  • FISH testing is included within our NeoTYPE® Solid Tumor cancer profiles for enhanced tumor profiling
Solid Tumor FISH
Client Services

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FISH Testing

View our full menu of available FISH tests with printable descriptions and specimen requirements.



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