Molecular Services

A Full Menu of Molecular Technologies

NeoGenomics' Pharma Services offer our clients the most innovative technology platforms coupled with a fully customizable service offering. Our comprehensive molecular menu of 100+ validated assays spanning from liquid biopsies (cfDNA), next-gen sequencing, Sanger sequencing, qPCR and IVD assays allows for direct use in your project.  Clients requiring assays for novel biomarkers can access our experienced medical and scientific team to ensure that assays are developed to the highest standards. Whether you are looking for clinical trial testing or custom project support, we can help.

Learn more about our molecular offerings:

TestInput RequirementsRequirements
Peripheral Blood5 mL5 mL in EDTA tube
Bone Marrow2 mL2 mL in EDTA tube
FFPE tissue5-10 slides5 microns or more per slides

*Client to provide 1 week advance notification to the project manager before shipment of samples.

Liquid Biopsy

Peripheral blood, two of 10 ml Streck Cell Free BCT tube.

Ambient storage and transportation. Ship same day as drawn whenever possible; specimens <24 hours old preferred.