FISH & Cytogenetics



NeoGenomics' Pharma Services offers a comprehensive menu of FISH offerings ranging from single (conventional) marker assays through sophisticated, disease-focused panels. With automation and high through-put capabilities, we give our clients leading TAT's in clinically validated and custom testing solutions to accommodate any project scope.

Our team of scientists have decades’ worth of FISH experience. They are well-versed in all areas of assay development, validation, troubleshooting and sample processing with hundreds of thousands of cases completed in hematologic diseases and solid tumors. We also have supported FISH clinical trials with sites all around the world.

NeoGenomics currently provides FISH coverage of over 90 different loci, with probes configured into more than 60 tests. Probes can be ordered separately or in custom configurations, and new FISH tests can be developed according to project needs.


NeoGenomics' Pharma Services offers leading industry expertise and a broad menu of services in cytogenetics at all our locations across the country. Our team includes members with 20+ years of cytogenetic experience. We offer a comprehensive menu of applications and are capable of developing custom workflows to meet your needs.

Clinical Offering

  • Oncology chromosome analysis
    • Bone marrow aspirate or core
    • Peripheral blood
    • Tissues for short term culture (lymph node, FNA, CSF)
  • Tissue oncology chromosome analysis
    • Tumor masses/biopsies for long term culture
  • Process/culture and hold

NeoArray® SNP/Cytogenetic Profiles

As a technology driven company, our cytogenetics department is equipped with wet and dry lab automation including cell harvesting, slide preparation and chromosomal analysis.

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