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Our mission: Save lives through improved patient care.

Doctor and patient

At NeoGenomics, everything we do is to better patient care. We are dedicated to increasing and improving access to care and advancing patient outcomes through transformative oncology testing. As a leader in cancer diagnostics, NeoGenomics has more than 15 years of experience diagnosing and analyzing various forms of solid tumors and blood cancers. Our organization is an integral part of the cancer care team by providing vital insights about a cancer’s diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy assignment. We work with oncology providers to give insights into your cancer’s thumbprint and help guide personalized treatment decisions to help optimize care, also known as precision medicine.

NeoGenomics takes cancer personally; every person is unique and we believe in walking hand-in-hand with you and your care team during your personal cancer journey.

Sasha's Story

“My liquid biopsy test has potentially bought me several more years that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. That’s something that money can’t buy.”


Patient Billing

NeoGenomics is committed to working with patients and their insurance companies to ensure every patient has access to high-quality cancer testing. Learn more

In-home Blood Draws

NeoGenomics provides safe and convenient access to liquid biopsy testing through our national mobile phlebotomy program. This service is offered at no cost to patients. Learn more

Sponsored Testing Programs

NeoGenomics works with its partners to create pathways to emerging advances in personalized medicine. These programs offer reduced or no-cost tests to patients. Learn more