Hereditary Cancer

NeoGenomics covers all the genetic testing needs of oncology care: predisposition, diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy selection.

After more than a decade of defining tumor genetics to improve treatment, we can help you focus on the beginning of the story – the patient’s inherited risk.

NeoGenomics is a leading cancer reference laboratory providing the full spectrum of standard-of-care diagnostics, first-to-market biomarker assays, and innovative multi-method tumor profiles. In fact, our Molecular Oncology & Pathology test menu is the most comprehensive menu available. NeoGenomics has served pathologists and oncologists nationwide for more than 12 years.

We have extended that expertise to Hereditary Cancer with the following tests.

Available Tests

Breast/Ovarian Cancer

BRCA1/2 Mutation & Del/Dup Analysis
BRCA1 Mutation & Del/Dup Analysis
BRCA2 Mutation & Del/Dup Analysis
Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer Panel (146 genes)

Bone Marrow Failure

Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome Panel

Colorectal Cancer

Lynch Syndrome Panel (5 genes concurrently)
MLH1 Mutation & Del/Dup Analysis
MSH2 Mutation & Del/Dup Analysis
MSH6 Mutation & Del/Dup Analysis 
PMS2 Mutation & Del/Dup Analysis
EPCAM Mutation & Del/Dup Analysis

Lung Cancer

EGFR T790M Germline Mutation Analysis

Prostate Cancer

HOXB13 Genotyping

Identifying patients for testing and genetic counseling

Please see Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment, Testing, and Genetic Counseling for resources to obtain genetic counseling and properly identify patients appropriate for counseling and testing referrals.

Getting started with testing

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View and print Consent for Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing (required with all samples)

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