Flow Cytometry

Rely on our flow cytometry expertise and capabilities to deliver on your project.

Our scientific and medical teams are experienced in flow cytometry assessments supporting many applications including hematopoietic neoplasms, MRD, receptor occupancy, expansive immunophenotyping, and Immuno-oncology assessments. NeoGenomics also offers other supporting services, such as global PBMC processing for retrospective or functional testing.  Harmonized processes and procedures are used across all global labs for continuity and consistency through longitudinal, global clinical trials.

Flow Cytometry
Comprehensive and Customizable Offerings
Global reach
Global Capabilities

Global, with all sites CAP accredited
Harmonized instrument calibration and specific reagent qualification for consistent assay performance globally
Robust and controlled assay transfers with data reproducibility at all global testing locations

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Custom assay development and validation

Collaborative and consultative approach
Dedicated pathology review (if required)
Harmonized SOPs

Flow Assay Design

Intended Use

Primary/secondary endpoint & safety with full pathology review (LDT)

MRD status
Malignant cell characterization
CAR-T detection with custom anti-CAR-T antibody
TBNK enumeration

Exploratory (fit for purpose)

Immunophenotyping (subsets, MD SC/dendritic, activation/exhaustion, rare event, etc.)
Receptor occupancy
Signal transduction/cell signaling
Intracellular cytokine/cell function
Checkpoint molecules

Example Assays and Reports

Examples of LDT assays and reports

Multiple Myeloma MRD LTD Flow Assay

Assay development requirements

  • Access MM patient bone marrow
  • 0.001% sensitivity

Assay parameters

  • 3-5 million events collected
  • 10 markers
  • Single tube assay (10 colors)
MM MRD Assay

Example Results



Clonal plasma cells are identified: 
%MRD of total nucleated cells: 0.002% 
MRD count: 70

Percentages from CD38+ and CD138+ gate (70 events) 
CD56: 45 events, 64.29% 
CD117: 2 events, 2.86% 
CD81: 12 events, 17.14% 
CD27: 4 events, 5. 71 % 
CD19: 13 events, 18.57% 
Non Clonal: 2 events, 2.86%

Markers Performed: 
CD19, CD27, CD38, CD45, CD56, CD81, CD117, CD138, ckappa, cLambda (10 Markers)

  • Output includes Diagnosis & Interpretation
  • Pathologist Review & Signoff
  • Reported to clinical site investigator for potential patient treatment decisions in addition to sponsor


Examples of Exploratory assays and reports

T-Cell Profiling Exploratory Flow Assay

T-Cell profiling exploratory flow assay


Example Results

T-Cell assay results
  • Output are data points / raw data
  • No pathology review required
  • Data is reported to sponsor or third party
  • Results are RUO and no patient treatment decisions can be made
  • Custom assays can be developed in house or transferred from client/partner laboratory


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