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NeoGenomics leverages its leadership in precision diagnostics to deliver a complete suite of tests that meet clinical demands throughout the lung cancer journey.

For any patient with lung cancer, whether it be early stage or advanced, trust a partner with one of the most comprehensive oncology-focused testing menus in the world developed specifically to help physicians diagnose and treat cancer. Trust NeoGenomics.

NeoGenomics' Early-stage NSCLC Panel:

  • Offers testing for actionable and informative biomarkers in early-stage NSCLC:
  • Provides a quick and concise but comprehensive overview of actionable information aligned with the latest in emerging clinical evidence
  • Assists in selecting the most appropriate targeted therapies for improved patient outcomes

ALK = anaplastic lymphoma kinase; EGFR = epidermal growth factor receptor; ROS1 = c-ros oncogene 1; PD-L1 = programmed cell death ligand 1.         
* (TAT) Turnaround time is 7 days. Results are integrated into a final comprehensive report.

Personalized oncology intervention immediately after an early-stage diagnosis is possible – but it requires the full picture.

NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA – Lung: Our fast, targeted, tissue-based assay for lung cancers

RNA NGS optimizes gene fusion detection: This profile features RNA-based fusion detection, which has advantages over DNA-based fusion detection with results delivered in 8-10 days.

  • RNA detection sensitivity of nearly 100%1 exceeds that of DNA2,3
  • Known and novel fusions of targeted genes are reported
  • RNA detects expressed rather than predicted fusion sequences, providing better evidence of driver activity4
  • RNA avoids technically complex gene intron regions4

Reflex to liquid biopsy is available: If tissue testing doesn’t yield full results, we can proceed with mobile phlebotomy (if requested) and high-sensitivity ctDNA testing with InVisionFirst®-Lung Liquid Biopsy.

Comprehensive yet targeted biomarker testing balances the patient’s need for precision medicine with demands on small specimens.

With the tremendous growth in FDA-approved targeted therapies and immunotherapies for lung cancer, proper test selection for precision medicine-based patient management is critical. NeoGenomics understands that tissue is precious, and our dedicated team of expert pathologists prioritize every sample to get you the results you need. If tissue is not available, NeoGenomics offers liquid biopsy testing to provide the genomic results needed to initiate or adjust treatment.

Whether single-gene assays, comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) or liquid biopsy, NeoGenomics offers a broad portfolio of lung cancer tests to serve all patients along the cancer journey.

NeoGenomics is your single destination for all stages of lung cancer


Immuno-Oncology (I-O), also known as cancer immunotherapy, is a type of cancer treatment that boosts one’s own immune system to fight cancer. Often, if cancer cells have high levels of PD-L1, a predictive biomarker detectable by immunohistochemistry, patients may benefit from immunotherapy.

NeoGenomics was the first oncology diagnostic laboratory to run PD-L1 testing with the launch of pembrolizumab immunotherapy and remains a key provider of immuno-oncology testing, running over 70,000 PD-L1 tests annually.

Please contact us for our Checkpoint Inhibitor Guide to learn more about the suite of companion and complementary PD-L1 testing offered.

Molecular Diagnostics

Tumor profiling has become fundamental to inform cancer diagnosis and prognosis but also to drive therapeutic decisions in clinical practice. Tailored to fit the many clinical needs of patients and oncology providers, NeoGenomics offers a variety of comprehensive and targeted approaches to drive precision medicine decisions in patients with lung cancer. Our multi-modal panels provide clear results on tumor-specific alterations, immune-oncology expression and access to open clinical trials. Please learn more about our tumor profiles.

NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA – Lung is our new, targeted, tissue-based assay that maximizes molecular information and minimizes QNS (Quantity Not Sufficient). This simplified NeoTYPE® Cancer Profile tests for 50 genes + 2 biomarkers in one test to give you the predictive and prognostic answers you need, and a 10-day turnaround time.

NeoTYPE® Lung Tumor Profile is a targeted molecular profile designed to detect genomic alterations in clinically significant driver genes based on multi-method detection techniques centered primarily on next-generation sequencing, but also including selected immunohistochemical and FISH assays.

The Lung NGS Fusion Panel is an RNA-based next-generation sequencing panel that detects translocations and fusions of the genes ALK, NRG1, NTRK1, NTRK2, NTRK3, RET and ROS1 with known and novel fusion partners.

NeoTYPE® Discovery Profile analyzes 336 biomarkers through a combination of next-generation sequencing (NGS), FISH and immunohistochemistry.

Single-Gene Assays

Biomarker profiling is crucial for patients with lung cancer and key to initiate precision medicine decisions.

Comprehensive or broad panel testing may not be an option for all patients. Please visit our test menu to learn more about our single-biomarker assays such as EGFR, ROS1, ALK, NTRK, BRAF, PD-L1 and many more.

Liquid Biopsy Testing

Liquid biopsy in cancer testing is a unique approach to genomic profiling. Although tissue-based assays are the gold standard to tumor profiling, quality and availability of tumor tissue often times poses a challenge to implement precision medicine. Liquid biopsies are easily accessible through a simple blood draw to help inform treatment strategies, monitor disease progression or evaluate therapeutic effectiveness.

InVisionFirst®-Lung is a focused and actionable NGS-based liquid biopsy assay covering the guideline-recommended genomic drivers with available targeted therapies. Clinical validation studies have shown a 98% concordance to matched tumor tissue.

Learn about NGS testing at NeoGenomics


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