Hematopathology Services

A clear and comprehensive diagnostic solution is the foundation for the best patient care.

COMPASS® is a streamlined, board-certified hematopathologist directed approach that provides an accurate, actionable and definitive diagnosis for complex malignancies.

Hematologic malignancies may be challenging and often require expertise to manage the diagnostic complexities. With more than 100 different subtypes of leukemias and lymphomas, physicians may find themselves confounded with the diagnostic workup, especially for rare cancers. Clinical guidelines, diagnostic criterias and treatment management are continuously evolving and incomplete testing may lead to a misdiagnosis, treatment delays and even the need for repeat biopsies. NeoGenomics has more than 15 years of experience bringing diagnostic clarity with COMPASS®- a comprehensive assessment for hematologic malignancies.
Acute cases will be notified within 24 hours of sample receipt.

COMPASS® in 3 simple steps:

  1. Personalized approach guide by a single hematopathologist evaluating all clinical and laboratory information provided.
  2. Medically necessary, multi-modal testing to arrive at the right answer, right now.
  3. Final and actionable diagnosis with a summary assessment for every unique patient.


CHART® & COMPASS Select™: A family of comprehensive solutions for oncologists and pathologists.

CHART®: Comprehensive Hematopathology Assessment and Review over Time provides a longitudinal evaluation for a wide range of clinical applications, including:

  • Monitoring response to therapy
  • Determining disease progression
  • Evaluating clonal evolution
  • Assessing residual disease

COMPASS Select™: A comprehensive consultative solution for pathologists.

COMPASS Select is optimized for pathologists who perform morphologic evaluation locally. Existing results are seamlessly integrated into the assessment, with only further medically necessary tests performed to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis without excess testing.

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