Hematopathology Services

The simple answer for diagnostic complexities

COMPASS®, CHART® and COMPASS Select are simple solutions to complex heme malignancies for oncologists and pathologists

COMPASS® Hematopathology Services is a streamlined and personalized lab workup to help inform effective patient care management by providing diagnostic clarity to complex heme malignancies and prognostic and predictive information.

This service is guided by a board-certified hematopathologist, who will evaluate all clinical history and laboratory information provided to determine the best testing regimen. As medically necessary, multi-modal testing (e.g., cytogenetics, FISH, flow cytometry, morphology, molecular including NGS, etc.) will be used to arrive at the right answer, right now. You will be provided with an all-in-one assessment report, unique to your patient, detailing their definitive diagnosis and compiling results from all modalities. Notifications for acute cases will be returned within 24 hours of sample receipt.

Just as we believe in personalized medicine, we offer personalized solutions. NeoGenomics provides options that cater to both oncologists and pathologists. 

NeoGenomics has been creating strong foundations for patient care by delivering clear and comprehensive diagnostic solutions for nearly 20 years. Let’s optimize cancer care, together. Contact us today to get started.

CHART® & COMPASS Select™: A family of comprehensive solutions for oncologists and pathologists.

CHART®: (Comprehensive Hematopathology Assessment and Review over Time): When serial or subsequent COMPASS® evaluations are requested on a single patient, NeoGenomics will automatically provide a CHART® report. Each CHART® report comprises a series of COMPASS® reports generated over time. The CHART® report format allows direct comparison of multiple prior COMPASS® work-ups for patients being monitored across various clinical applications:

  • Monitoring response to therapy
  • Determining disease progression
  • Evaluating clonal evolution
  • Assessing residual disease

COMPASS Select™: A comprehensive consultative solution for pathologists.

COMPASS Select is a diagnostic solution that has been optimized for pathologists, who perform local morphologic evaluation capabilities. Existing morphologic results are seamlessly integrated into the COMPASS Select assessment. Only medically necessary additional tests are performed to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis.

  • COMPASS® is used for the diagnoses of more than 100 different subtypes of leukemias and lymphomas.
  • In one year, more than 4,190 clients ordered over 22,770 cases.
  • Client notification of acute cases occurs within 24 hours of sample receipt.
  • NeoGenomics has been proudly serving the cancer community for nearly 20 years.

*Sept 2021 - Aug 2022


COMPASS® delivers a definitive diagnosis in an all-in-one report that’s unique to each patient. 

We invite you to download a sample report to see what a COMPASS® assessment looks like. 



Managing the diagnostic complexities of hematologic malignancies can be challenging and demanding. With over 100 different subtypes of leukemias and lymphomas, physicians may find themselves challenged with the diagnostic workup, especially for rare cancers. Frequently, blood cancers require a comprehensive laboratory workup with multiple test modalities to arrive at a definitive diagnosis. It can be further complicated by the rapidly evolving nature of clinical guidelines, testing criteria and treatment management. It can translate to incomplete testing, which could lead to a misdiagnosis, treatment delays and even the need for repeat biopsies.

NeoGenomics has nearly two decades of experience bringing diagnostic clarity with COMPASS®—a comprehensive assessment service for hematologic malignancies—because a definitive and comprehensive diagnostic solution is the robust foundation for patient care.

COMPASS® in 3 simple steps:

  1. Personalized approach guided by a single hematopathologist evaluating all clinical and laboratory information provided to determine the best testing regimen.
  2. Medically necessary, multi-modal testing to arrive at the right answer, right now.
  3. Final and definitive diagnosis with a comprehensive assessment unique for every patient.


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