Third Party Billing

NeoGenomics Laboratories is a participating provider with Medicare and Medicaid, in addition to a large number of private insurance companies and managed care organizations. NeoGenomics accepts assignment on all insurance payers.


Medicare continues to reimburse for these procedures based on the member's eligibility and plan coverage. NeoGenomics provides Medical Necessity Tools to help determine coverage for testing.  


Medicaid is medical assistance for those people who cannot afford their own health care. Medicaid claims can only be filed after all other third-party resources have been exhausted. Patients should be asked at the time of service if there is other coverage, such as Medicare, Medicaid HMO, or private insurance. When applicable, any Medicare, private insurance, or managed care (HMO) information should also be provided. Medicaid is also for persons that have applied for social security disability, but have not met the 18th month waiting period for Medicare eligibility.

If Medicaid denies payment for non-covered services or eligibility reasons, the patient may be responsible for the payment. Medicaid is always the last source of payment.


As a service to your patients and in compliance with agreements established with insurance and managed care companies, NeoGenomics will bill your patient's primary insurance or managed care organization directly when provided with complete and accurate billing information. For those insurance companies and managed care organizations where an agreement does not exist with NeoGenomics, we will still file a claim to those carriers

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