Next-Generation Sequencing

NGS is not one-size-fits-all.
NeoGenomics enables choice, backed by technical and clinical excellence

Next-generation sequencing has become the primary tool in precision oncology to characterize an individual patient’s tumor. Cancer care has evolved past singular molecular solutions for all patients.

NeoGenomics has been an NGS leader since 2014 when we introduced the first suite of targeted and broad coverage profiles. Today, we offer a wide selection of NGS-based NeoTYPE® Cancer Profiles that provide essential prognostic and therapeutic information for both hematologic and solid tumor diseases. NGS services also include high-sensitivity ctDNA-based liquid biopsies and RNA sequencing.

With one of the most rapid development cycles in the industry, we adapt quickly and keep our profiles current with practice guidelines, therapy approvals, emerging biomarkers, and scientific literature.  Our dedicated team of molecular pathologists works within a network of more than 120 NeoGenomics hematopathologists, surgical pathologists, and PhD scientists seeing cancer through the added dimensions of flow cytometry, FISH, cytogenetics, and IHC. This is why molecular testing at NeoGenomics always maintains its context with the disease as a whole.
For expertise and choice, NeoGenomics is the premier NGS solution.

Highlights of Our NGS Program

A complete spectrum of testing options - The most comprehensive combination of tests spanning from single-gene, disease-specific and broad reach tumor profiles in tissue and plasma specimens, in addition to bone marrow and peripheral blood samples.

Full-range molecular diagnostic technologies – NGS is a molecular methodology that is part of a broader family of molecular tests. In addition to NGS, NeoGenomics provides a wide array of quantitative PCR, Sanger sequencing, and send-out SNP microarray services.

Heme Targeted Profiles - Actionable disease - specific profiles, such as NeoTYPE® MDS/CMML Profile that informs diagnosis, prognosis and predictive information.

RNA-Based Fusion Panels for Solid Tumors - Pan-tumor and disease-specific panels to guide therapeutic management, such as NTRK NGS Fusion Panel to detect NTRK1/2/3 for TRK inhibitor therapy eligibility.

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Client Services

NeoGenomics prides itself on our unparalleled customer support team. If you have questions regarding test information, specimen requirements, turnaround times, test add-on, and patient results please feel free to reach out to a Client Services Advocate at

NGS Testing

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