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Removing the complexities from your diagnostic process

Getting accurate answers – it’s at the heart of oncology care and what you and your patients need to create a timely, optimized treatment plan. Our suite of specialty tests offers a combination of complementary methodologies in a seamless, single-order process so that you can get answers in the simplest way possible. 

Designed by experts, these products take the complexity out of oncology diagnostics, allowing you to test for a range of biomarkers or mutations for a particular disease state, while avoiding ambiguous diagnostic situations. NeoGenomics enables you and your patients get the answers you need efficiently and effectively. Additionally, our liquid biopsy tests provide an alternative diagnostic solution in instances where tissue samples are insufficient or unavailable, or to avoid painful, expensive biopsies. Our specialty tests can also identify potential clinical trials options as part of your initial order. 

We are constantly updating our test offerings to ensure they align to the latest evidence and guidelines.

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With more than 100 different subtypes of leukemias and lymphomas, COMPASS® can help ease the challenges that can arise with diagnosing hematologic malignancies. 

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Cancer TYPE ID

Establish a final diagnosis and follow-up care options in situations of poorly differentiated tumors, new primary vs. recurrence, or unusual presentation.

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NeoTYPE® Cancer Profiles

Get next-generation molecular profiling ranging from cancer-specific testing to wide spectrum tumor testing.

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InVisionFirst®-Lung Liquid Biopsy

A focused 37-gene ctDNA panel covering the guideline recommended biomarkers for patients with NSCLC.

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NeoLAB® Liquid Biopsy

A cell-free DNA/RNA analysis for solid tumor cancers and hematologic diseases and malignancies.

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Hereditary Cancer

About 5 to 10 percent of cancers are thought to be hereditary. Our goal is to provide individual hereditary risk assessment that can be incorporated into your ongoing medical care.

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