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Combined Protein IF and DNA FISH assay on the same FFPE slide

MultiOmyx technology is not limited to only interrogating protein biomarkers. It can be combined with additional “omics” such as fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Utilizing advanced biochemistry workflow, imaging, and image registration, protein IF expression data can be precisely overlaid with FISH dots. This enables direct comparison between protein expressions and DNA copy numbers, down to a single cell resolution.

Direct correlation between protein expression to DNA copy number at single cell resolution 


Utilizing a single FFPE slide, MultiOmyx EGFR protein IF staining workflow was performed first, followed by the EGFR FISH staining. Top row shows lung sample with high EGFR expression and normal EGFR copy number. Bottom row shows thoracentesis sample, also with high EGFR expression but amplified EGFR copy number. In this sample, high EGFR expression is directly correlated to amplified EGFR copy number.