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NeoSeek - An on-demand, web-enabled app that allows clinicians to interrogate their own NeoGenomics testing data.

Helping oncologists identify clinically actionable patient cohorts based on biomarker status

How to use NeoSeek:

  • Identify clinically actionable candidates in real-time for clinical trials or new therapies
  • Evaluate biomarker testing rates and results within your patient's longitudinal NeoGenomics lab data
  • Visualize your designed cohorts and query for important insights and analytics through dashboards, empowering better testing and treatment decisions
NeoSeek for oncologists

Using your own patient database, create clinically actionable patient cohorts with a common disease state. This allows you to accelerate your biomarker programs, clinical trials, and monitoring biomarker trends by utilizing a customizable search capability of your practice's patient's longitudinal lab data.

Who is NeoSeek™ designed for?

NeoSeek™ is designed for clinicians and oncologists to identify clinically actionable patient cohorts based on biomarker status

How long will it take to see my results?

NeoSeek results are available right away in the portal.

Is the clinical data real data?

NeoGenomics is the sole source for real NeoGenomics Oncology Lab data that helps enable you to make the right decisions.

Can I query just my patients or more?

Your access will mirror the current access you have in our LIS. Ex. you may be able to see just your patients, all patients within your practice, or all patients within your healthcare network.

NeoGenomics is dedicated to serving patients and saving lives. Are you ready to leverage your real-world data to help accelerate patient access to life-saving therapies and clinical trials?

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