Medical and Scientific Leadership Team

Lawrence M. Weiss MD profile image
Chief Medical Officer and Scientific Advisory Board Chair
Sally S. Agersborg MD, PhD profile image
Medical Director (Aliso Viejo, California)
Derek Lyle MD profile image
Medical Director (Fort Myers, Florida and Carlsbad, California)
J. Christopher Mixon, MD profile image
Medical Director (Nashville, Tennessee)
David L. Morgan MD profile image
Medical Director (Houston, Texas) and Hematopathologist
Adrian M. Padurean MD, MBA profile image
Medical Director (Atlanta, Georgia) and Hematopathologist
Josette William Ragheb, MD, PhD profile image
Medical Director, Pharma Services and Hematopathologist


Renuka Agrawal, MD profile image
Saskia Boisot, MD profile image
Wayne W. Chen, MD, PhD profile image
Director of Lymphoma Services and Hematopathologist
Vladislav Chizhevsky, MD, SSBBP profile image
Senior Hematopathologist and Medical Director, Flow Cytometry
Anselm Hii, MD, FCAP profile image
Senior Pathologist and Director, Consultative Services
Jennifer Hummel, MD, MPH profile image
Hematopathologist / Molecular Pathologist
Shi-Ping Jiang, MD, PhD profile image
Hematopathologist and Surgical Pathologist
Dennis P. O'Malley MD profile image
Jian-Feng Wang, MD, PhD profile image

Surgical Pathologists and Specialty Pathologists

Molecular Pathologist
Neil S. Goldstein MD profile image
Senior Pathologist
Paul Kirshman MD profile image
Staff Pathologist
Thomas K. Lee MD, PhD profile image
Surgical Pathologist
Takako Mitsuhashi MD, PhD profile image
Dermatopathologist and Surgical Pathologist

Pharma Services Pathologists

Surgical Pathologist, Pharma Services
Galina I. Bannykh MD profile image
Staff Pathologist, Pharma Services
Hong Drum, MD profile image
Hematopathologist, Pharma Services

Scientific Team Members

Forrest J. Holmes Blocker, PhD profile image
Director, Scientific Affairs
Vincent Funari, PhD, (CGMBS) profile image
Vice President, Research and Development
John R. McGill PhD, FACMGG profile image
Director of Cytogenetics (Fort Myers, Florida)
Guoxian Sun MD, DABMG, FACMG profile image
Director of Cytogenetics
Director of Cytogenetics and Technical Director of FISH