NeoGenomics’ Latest Educational Videos

Updates in MMR and MSI Testing (On-Demand Webinar)

Dr. Neal S. Goldstein and Dr. Lawrence M. Weiss discuss the usage and interpretation of MMR and MSI testing. This webinar was recorded June 28, 2018.

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Key Topics: MMR testing, MSI testing

Updates in the Diagnosis of Myelodysplasia (On-Demand Webinar)

Dr. David L. Morgan discusses reviewing morphologic changes associated with myelodysplasia, the role of molecular analysis in the diagnosis of myelodysplasia, and more. This webinar was recorded May 2, 2018.

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Key Topics: Myelodysplasia, MDS Testing

14-Day Rule Update and Online Orders Demo (On-Demand Webinar)

Watch our on-demand webinar on the 14-Day Rule Update to learn about how to avoid billing mistakes and unnecessary follow-up work, and our Online Orders Demo, to help simplify your workflow and reduce phone calls back to your lab by 93%!

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Key Topics: 14-Day Updates, Billing, Online Orders

Solving the Puzzle of Aggressive B-Cell Lymphomas (On-Demand Webinar)

Dr. Dennis P. O’Malley discusses the evaluation of aggressive B-cell lymphomas, changes in evaluation based on the latest WHO classification, and assessing genetic evaluation and its effect on prognosis of aggressive B-cell lymphomas. This webinar was recorded March 28, 2018.

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Key Topics: WHO Guidelines for Lymphoma, Lymphoma Testing

Changes in the WHO Classification of Lymphoma (On-Demand Webinar)

Dr. Lawrence M. Weiss discusses new provisional lymphoma entities, delineates criteria for new definitive categories of lymphoma, and reviews new molecular findings in lymphoma. This webinar was recorded on February 15, 2018.

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Key Topics: WHO Guidelines for Lymphoma, Lymphoma Testing

Updates in Myeloid Neoplasms & Leukemia Testing (On-Demand Webinar)

Dr. Sally Agersborg provides a comprehensive overview of the following topics: Review 2016 updates to WHO guidelines for myeloid neoplasms, understand how to apply the guidelines to diagnosis of myeloid neoplasms, and understand how recently identified molecular features have impacted diagnosis and prognosis of myeloid neoplasms. This webinar was recorded on January 31st, 2018.

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Key Topics: Myeloid Neoplasms, Leukemia, 2016 WHO Guidelines

Updates in Plasma Cell Myeloma Testing (On-Demand Webinar)

Dr. Adrian Padurean discusses key facts about multiple myeloma updates in diagnostic testing, and why it is also known as plasma cell myeloma. He covers combining testing from multiple methodologies to unlock the full diagnostic potential for optimal patient care. This session was recorded on December 6, 2017.

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Key Topics: Plasma Cell Myeloma, Multiple Myeloma

Better Bone Marrow Biopsies (On-Demand Webinar)

For optimal results, Dr. Adrian Padurean provides best practices for better bone marrow biopsies. This session was recorded in July 2016.
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Key Topics: Bone Marrow Biopsies

PD-L1 Testing in Solid Tumors (On-Demand Webinar)

Dr. Neal Goldstein provides a comprehensive overview on the following topics: the background science behind PD-L1 testing and PD1 therapy, the current status of anti-PD1 drugs, and recent updates regarding dMMR/MSI-high cancers in relation to anti-PD1 therapy. This webinar was recorded on July 27th, 2017.

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Key Topics: PD-L1, MMR, MSI, anti-PD1 drugs

Comparison of PD-L1 Companion, Complementary and Laboratory Developed Tests with Molecular Profiling (On-Demand Webinar)

NeoGenomics' Dr. Albitar discusses usage of PD-L1 antibodies (PD-L1 22C3, PD-L1 28.8, PD-L1 SP 142, and PD-L1 263), including how results correlated with molecular testing that was performed on the same patient and at the same time. This session was recorded at Immunotherapy World on January 18th, 2017.

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Key Topics: PD-L1, Immuno-Oncology

Universal Fusion/Expression Profile Product Overview: Expanding the Boundaries of Cancer Diagnostics (On-Demand Webinar)

NeoGenomics' Dr. Albitar speaks about the test benefits & other highlights of the Universal Fusion/Expression Profile.

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Key Topics: Next-Gen Sequencing, Universal Fusion/Expression Profile


Modern Diagnosis of Sarcoma (On-Demand Webinar)

Morphologic exam and IHC, supplemented with FISH or select PCR assays, have long served as the pathologists’ tools for diagnosis and subclassification of sarcomas. Highly-multiplexed next-gen sequencing assays for specific identification of over 100 sarcoma-related gene fusions are now easily accessible to assist the process. Attend our webinar to hear about new opportunities to combine tests of each methodology into efficient algorithms. This session was recorded on September 15th, 2016.

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Key Topics: Sarcoma Diagnosis, NGS-Sarcoma Fusion Profiles