Client Billing

NeoGenomics Client Billing Information

NeoGenomics Clients will be billed by an itemized invoice that includes the date, patient’s name, accession number, test(s) performed, and the test fees for each specimen completed during the month. Please note that these invoices are payable upon receipt. If you have any questions pertaining to your account, please contact our billing team immediately so that we may resolve them in a timely manner.

Payment Information

Payment Options

If you receive a bill, there are several options for payment:

  • Check or money order:  
    • NeoGenomics Invoices
      Make the check or money order payable to NeoGenomics Laboratories, and mail it to:
      NeoGenomics Laboratories
      PO Box 864403
      Orlando, FL 32886-4403
    • Clarient Invoices
      Make the check or money order payable to Clarient Diagnostic Services, and mail it to:
      Clarient Diagnostic Services, Inc.
      PO Box 865360
      Orlando, FL 32886-5360
  • Credit or debit card: You may complete the form on your invoice. Or, to pay by phone, please call us at the number below. A receipt can be mailed to you upon request. 
  • Pay Online:   Coming soon for NeoGenomics clients. For Clarient clients, please see the below section.

For Clients with Clarient Invoices

To pay a Clarient client invoice by credit card:
Click here

To access the Clarient Client Billing Portal to view and print invoices:
Login here

 For any questions, please contact the Clarient billing team at 888.690.0043.

Billing Resources

NeoGenomics Indigent Letter
ICD-10 Practical Guidance 
ICD-10 NeoGenomics Crosswalk
ICD-10 Presentation by Dennis Padget

Contact Us

For Client Billing Questions:

T: 888.690.0043 
F: 888.443.4153


ICD-10 Practical Guidance
ICD-10 Practical Guidance