NeoGenomics has the ability to develop, transfer, qualify and fully validate custom assays aligned with each study requirement. Our dedicated teams will support your vaccine programs through a consultative approach aligned with your needs in the area of biomarker discovery, assay development and multi-site global clinical trials, delivering a comprehensive solution for immunogenicity, efficacy and exploratory endpoints for vaccines and immunotherapy clinical trials.

Service Menu

  • Standardized PBMC processing across multiple regions
  • Flow Cytometry
    • Including Receptor Occupancy, surface and intra markers, in vitro re-stimulation
  • Immunoassay development
    • ELISA and multiplex platforms
  • Cytokine testing
    • Design of customized panels and pre-validated panels
  • Molecular testing
    • NGS, qPCR, RT-PCR and Nanostring
  • Multiplexed IF
    • MultiOmyx™ and Vectra® Polaris™
  • Neoantigen discovery
  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Cytogenetics
  • FISH

Applications – Virus Sequencing

  • Virus characterization
  • Virus identification
  • Novel virus discovery
  • Vaccine efficacy
  • Quantitation of viral load
  • Identification of infectious strain(s) by sub-unit or full length sequencing