Analyze Up to 60 Stains on a Single Slide

MultiOmyx assay has similar staining characteristics as standard immunohistochemical stains, and has the significant advantage that multiple proteins demonstrated up to 60 can be interrogated from a single FFPE section1. Direct comparison of multiple biomarkers is made on the same cell, enabling routine co-expression analysis and identification of cells requiring multiple biomarkers staining (e.g., Tregulatory CD3+CD4+FoxP3+). 

MultiOmyx™ Hyperplexed Immunofluorescence AssayMultiOmyx protein immunofluorescence (IF) assays utilize a pair of directly conjugated Cyanine dye-labeled (Cy3, Cy5) antibodies per round of staining. Each round of staining is imaged and followed by novel dye inactivation chemistry, enabling repeated rounds of staining and deactivation for up to 60 protein biomarkers from a single 4μm tissue section.

1. Gerdes. M. J. et al. PNAS 110, 11982-11987 (2013).