Targeted Profiling with Multiple Applications

NeoGenomics' Pharma Services uses NanoString nCounter® technology in providing services to our clients. Nanostring nCounter is a unique system offering the ability to multiplex up to 800 targets in a single reaction with no amplification, and count digitally to help with results reproducibility. This flexible platform will help translate oncology signatures from research to clinic. Services are performed under the quality management system for use in research, discovery, and clinical trials, as applicable.  Validation services are available.

nanoString Workflow

Benefits of Using NanoString

  • Cost effective compared to similar technologies
  • Screen for quantitative gene expression changes
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • User-friendly data analysis

Types of Assays

  • Standard Assays
  • Custom Assays

Sample Types

  • Total RNA
  • Blood lysates
  • FFPE samples

NanoString Applications

Gene Fusions
Non-Coding RNA Expression

  • miRNA
  • lncRNA

PanCancer Gene Expression

  • Immune Profiling Panel Pathways
  • Progression
  • Pathways

To access an interview between NeoGenomics and one of its key strategic partners, Nanostring, please click on the following tab, marked ‘Nanostring Blog’ which will re-direct you to the nForm blog on the Nanostring website.