Flow Cytometry

Powerful and Flexible Phenotyping Options with 10-color Flow Cytometry 

Flow cytometry is a technique for rapidly counting, sorting, and analyzing cells by passing a fluid suspension of cells with labelled targets past an electronic detection device. Flow cytometry is used in cancer diagnostics for quantification, biomarker detection, measuring total and/or newly synthesized DNA, and evaluating gene expression. This technique allows simultaneous analysis of multiple physical and biochemical characteristics of the sample. Samples can be interrogated at each level of cell detail including the cell surface, cytoplasm, and nucleus.

Highlights of Our Flow Cytometry Program

  • 10-color flow cytometry improves detection of low-level abnormalities and success with small specimens. Advantages over services detecting fewer fluorochromes are:
    • More precise characterization of various cell populations
    • Improved detection of low-frequency abnormalities
    • Higher information content per tube conserves small specimens and minimizes chance of incomplete analyses
    • Reduced redundancy in use of antibodies, which helps control costs
    • Faster signal acquisition for better turnaround time
    • Simpler analysis of the data generated, with shorter reports
  • Proprietary antibody preparation method reduces cell drift and increases consistency in serial testing of patients
  • Two options for full leukemia/lymphoma phenotyping -  standard with 24 markers and extended with 31 markers
  • Cost-effective follow-up panels (“short panels”) with highly-focused marker sets for monitoring known diagnoses
  • High-sensitivity PNH evaluation with 0.01% detection limit
  • Complete tech-only options with cytospin images and access to hands-on regating to help tech-only clients increase confidence in resulting

Specimen and Ordering Information

Specimen Requirements

Acceptable specimen types vary by test, so please check details for the test of interest. NeoGenomics’ flow cytometry testing is routinely performed on the following specimens:

  • Bone Marrow Aspirate: 1-2 mL EDTA. Sodium heparin is acceptable. Lithium heparin or ACD (pale yellow/no gel separator) is not acceptable. Please provide recent CBC report.
  • Peripheral Blood: 1-2 mL EDTA. Sodium heparin is acceptable. Lithium heparin or ACD (pale yellow/no gel separator) is not acceptable. Please provide recent CBC report.
  • Fresh Bone Marrow Core Biopsy: 1-2cm core (length) tissue in RPMI
  • Fresh/Unfixed Tissue: 0.2 cm3 minimum in RPMI
  • Fluids and FNAs: Equal parts RPMI and specimen volume
  • NY Clients: Please provide Date and Time of Collection.

Ordering Options

Panels are available with global or tech-only levels of service. Numerous standard add-on panels (to supplement analyses in progress) and follow-up panels (to monitor known diagnoses) are available. Please see the full flow cytometry test list for details.


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See our full list of flow cytometry tests with printable descriptions and specimen requirements.
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