Hematopathology Services

NeoGenomics makes it easy for hemepaths and hem/oncs to solve medical problems in two main ways. First, our menu allows physicians to choose the level of detail and investigation each patient requires for diagnosis, prognosis, and/or therapy selection. From simple orders for standard guideline-recommended markers to multi-parameter assays incorporating novel discoveries, NeoGenomics provides clear, cost-effective, and efficient testing solutions that fit today’s needs. Secondly, we can accommodate the needs of your medical practice’s specific situation through three levels of service: consultation, global, and technical-only.

Highlights of Our Hematopathology Program

  • The most comprehensive combination of single-gene molecular tests and multi-parameter tumor profiles available
  • All complementary testing methods including morphology, cytogenetics, FISH, flow cytometry, IHC, and molecular are available in-house, which allows an integrated approach to the case, maximizes yield from small specimens, and minimizes TAT
  • Client education opportunities through the live webinar series Updates in Precision Medicine and NeoUniversity for recorded webinars
  • Clinical collaborations and new test suggestions are highly encouraged

Levels of Service

  • Consults Our hematopathologists can manage your cases on a short- or long-term basis beginning after local morphologic exam (NeoAssist™) or from the time of collection (GPS).
    • NeoAssist: Morphology is done by the local pathologist. Flow and cytogenetics are done by NeoGenomics and, if deemed medically necessary, a NeoGenomics pathologist will add additional global testing (such as FISH and/or molecular analysis).
    • Genetic Pathology Solutions (GPS): Comprehensive evaluation by NeoGenomics including services above plus morphology and a final integrated report.
  • Global clients can expect prompt turnaround times and informative reports for all tests ordered.
  • Technical-Only Pathology clients may choose to interpret NeoGenomics’ data and create reports for flow cytometry, FISH, and IHC. We support our tech-only clients with in-person instruction, live webinars, on-demand recorded presentations, a one-step “push to global” option to redirect a case back to NeoGenomics hematopathologists for sign-out, and any-time access to alternative assessments.

Popular Tests

These are some of the most frequently ordered heme tests on our menu. Test details and specimen requirements may be viewed and printed via the following links.

    Use these links to see all tests available, listed by methodology.

    Check out our research publications or contact us to learn more!