Data Image Analysis

NeoGenomics’ Pharma Services offers three platforms for analysis of multiplexed IF images.

Indica Halo® & Visiopharm are intended for analysis of Akoya PhenoImager™ multiplex images while NeoLYTX is optimized specifically for MultiOmyx™. Advanced analytics enables unambiguous quantitative immune cell classification across different tissue types, accounting for different biomarker staining patterns in different population of cells. 

Additionally, algorithms are able to differentiate between cell populations in the tumor, stroma, tumor margin or collectively in the tumor microenvironment (TME). This enables computation of the distance of every cell from any regions in the tissue to distances between multiple populations of cell. Advanced data image analysis enables the answering of complex questions that would simply not be feasible to answer through traditional qualitative analysis.


  • User-friendly UI & Custom Development Workflow
  • Library of pre-configured modules available
  • HaloLink allows slide review and direct annotation by pathologists
  • Better fit for clinical trials because of the nature of the quality/regulatory requirements
  • Marketing partnership with NeoGenomics
  • Generates results very quickly for common tasks/simple analytics/single-plex


  • Library of prebuilt apps available
  • Powerful tool set, optimal for more complex and custom analytics requirements
  • Can define non-cell objects in the tissue
  • AI packages that can be used for cell classification to increase accuracy
  • Clinical trial testing is feasible but requires more time and effort


  • AI-based framework proprietary to NeoGenomics, optimized for MultiOmyx™
  • Highly customizable with complete control to accommodate new requirements
  • Adapted for IHC/CISH/dual IHC
  • NeoVUE compatible
  • RUO (Research use only)
Nearest Neighbor Analysis
Platform Indica Halo Visiopharm NeoLYTX
Currently Supporting Clinical Studies (retro) +++ ++ +++
Clinical Studies (enrollment) ++ + N/A
Low order mIF, 2-6-plex (Phenolmager HT) +++ +++ ++
High-plex mIF, ≥7 (MO) N/A N/A +++
Complexity of analytics tasks + ++ +++
Direct annotation and slide review +++ +++ N/A
Defining non-cell objects N/A ++ +++


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