Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsy for detecting and characterizing cell-free circulating tumor nucleic acid or circulating tumor cells is increasingly used in cancer testing.

For most applications, liquid biopsy (LBx) only requires a simple blood draw, offers simpler sample collection logistics and faster overall time to results. It provides a very attractive option especially when tissue samples may be challenging or impractical to obtain. Liquid biopsy can be used to non-invasively characterize primary tumors and metastases for diagnosis, real-time monitoring of tumor evolution, and treatment response. Liquid biopsy is now commonly used to aid data collection for prospective clinical trials.

Key Highlights:

  • NeoGenomics offers a family of liquid biopsy test methods, covering a broad range of important cancer biomarkers such as hotspot genes, tumor suppressor genes, copy number variation (CNV), gene fusions, single nucleotide variants (SNVs), and insertions and deletions (Indels)
  • NeoGenomics’ LBx tests non-invasively characterize primary tumor drivers, resistance mutations, and hotspots for real-time and serial monitoring of tumor evolution and treatment response
  • NeoGenomics’ LBx offerings cover actionable markers of all solid tumor indications supported by FDA/EMA labels, NCCN and ESMO guidelines, and clinical trials
  • Sample types include whole blood, plasma, and cfDNA/RNA extracted from plasma
  • Our RareCyte® liquid biopsy service provides an unbiased workflow for circulating tumor cell (CTC) capture, enumeration, and single-cell isolation
Liquid Biopsy Tools Description
NeoLAB® Solid Tumor NeoLAB® Solid Tumor LBx is a cfDNA NGS pan-cancer assay providing broad coverage of actionable markers supported by clinical guidelines and ongoing clinical trials. NeoLAB® Solid Tumor LBx includes 44 genes involved in solid tumor development and progression, detects > 900 hotspot SNVs and indels to guide treatment decisions, monitor disease status, and detect potential resistance to therapy.
InvisionFirst®-Lung (IVFL) IVFL LBx is a highly sensitive cfDNA NGS assay to detect oncogenic driver mutations and therapy targets in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The 37-gene biomarker panel includes diagnostic and prognostic markers as recommended by current guidelines and literature. IVFL enables the discovery of actionable mutations in patients with advanced NSCLC at diagnosis or progression. The assay is fully validated and demonstrated 98% concordance with tissue biopsy.
RareCyte CTC CTCs are implicated in the origin of cancer metastasis. Studies have shown there is an association between the number of CTCs and the prognosis and response to therapy. NeoGenomics’ RareCyte service offers practical deployment of CTC-based liquid biopsy with a highly sensitive, accurate, unbiased, and reproducible workflow. In addition, the ability of single-cell isolation will also allow for downstream investigation of cancer cell biomarker expression and mutational status.
Therascreen® PIK3CA PIK3CA is the most commonly mutated gene in patients with HR+/HER2- advanced or metastatic breast cancer. Clinical guidelines recommend assessing for PIK3CA mutation as part of the initial workup if the patient has recurrent/Stage IV disease, the tumor is HR+/HER2-, and if considering therapy with alpelisib. The FDA-approved PIK3CA Mutation CDx Test for Plasma can be deployed when breast tumor tissue is not available or when only decalcified tissue is available.


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