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Early-stage NSCLC Panel


The FIRST AND ONLY therapy selection panel designed specifically for your early-stage NSCLC patients. Personalized oncology intervention immediately after an early-stage diagnosis is possible – but it requires the full picture.

The Early-stage NSCLC Panel offers testing for relevant biomarkers in early-stage NSCLC.

Neo Comprehensive™ – Heme Cancers

Precise profiling. Expert analysis. Complete results.

Brought to you by the market leader in Heme Cancer Testing for over 20 years.
Neo Comprehensive™ – Heme Cancers analyzes 433 genes associated with most hematologic malignancies from myeloid and lymphoid lineages to detect DNA and RNA alterations in one assay.

Neo Comprehensive™ - Solid Tumor

Precision Oncology: SIMPLER, BETTER, FASTER

Neo Comprehensive – Solid Tumor covers 517 cancer relevant genes with MSI/TMB using DNA and RNA to detect SNVs, Indels, CNVs, fusions and splice variants in a single NGS assay. Results delivered in 10 days

Neo Comprehensive™ - Myeloid Disorders

Neo Comprehensive Myeloid Disorders is a DNA & RNA next-generation sequencing (NGS) comprehensive genomic profile (CGP) analyzing 164 genes relevant in myeloid neoplasms for diagnostic evaluation, prognosis, risk stratification, and therapy guidance.

NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA – Lung

NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA – Lung is a targeted tissue-based assay featuring RNA-based fusion detection. Results delivered in only 10 days along with a simple, easy to interpret report.

Early-stage NSCLC Panel
Neo Comprehensive™ – Heme Cancers
Neo Comprehensive™ - Solid Tumor
Neo Comprehensive™ - Myeloid Disorders
NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA – Lung

Our specialty is cancer. Our mission is saving lives.

We create better, more hopeful futures for people living with cancer. It’s in our DNA.
As a leader in oncology testing, we endeavor to remove the complexities of diagnosing cancer and to empower oncologists, pathologists, and our pharma and biotech partners to provide patients with the best care possible. NeoGenomics enables precision oncology with the most advanced and comprehensive testing menu, ensuring you and your patients are equipped with the tools to optimize care.

All Patients, All Stages, All Clinical Needs

Precision oncology is the foundation of personalized patient care. And with a comprehensive portfolio of 650+ diagnostic tests covering all key testing methodologies – including broad-panel DNA and RNA-based next-generation sequencing – we have the solutions for your oncology testing requirements.
With unparalleled expertise, flexibility, and scalability, we provide you with dedicated support for your oncology-focused research and clinical trials in biomarker discovery, developing a companion diagnostic, and custom assay design and development. We work directly with you - our pharma and biotech partners - to help you navigate through translational research and global clinical trial testing through FDA filing, launch preparation, and commercialization.
We understand the vital role that data plays in precision oncology. We harness the power of data to facilitate the discovery and development of new therapeutic options, support clinical trial matching, assess therapy outcomes, and deliver personalized care.

NeoGenomics partners with you and your cancer care team, leveraging our expertise to uncover the best treatment options for your personalized cancer care.

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