Universal Fusion/Expression Profile

Expanding the Boundaries of Cancer Diagnostics

Universal Fusion/Expression Profile Product Overview

Introducing the Universal Fusion/Expression Profile, the first clinically validated NGS assay that can detect known/novel fusion transcripts and gene expression in 1385 genes simultaneously.

Broad detection of fusion transcripts and gene expression in 1385 cancer genes.

The Universal Fusion/Expression Profile is a clinically-powerful next-gen sequencing based profile that is capable of detecting different classes of genomic abnormalities such as fusion transcripts and gene expression levels in 1,385 genes with implications in solid tumors, soft tissue cancers and hematological diseases. This test covers chromosomal translocations that are not currently covered by FISH and cases where a specific molecular translocation test is not available. The Universal Fusion/Expression Profile sequences all exonic regions of the 1,385 cancer genes included as part of this profile and has been validated on bone marrow, peripheral blood, FFPE and fresh tissue.

Standard sequencing methodologies are limited in their ability to detect gene fusions or analyze gene expression. However, with an RNA sequencing assay such as the Universal Fusion/Expression Profile, it is possible to achieve broader coverage across a large number of cancer-related genes while offering some advantages over standard array-based technologies such as the ability to detect RNA expressed at low levels. Additionally, this test can identify known and novel fusions without prior knowledge of the fusion gene partners. This panel provides physicians and scientists with a clinically-powerful tool that can be used to assess a variety of cancers and aid in diagnosis, prognosis and therapy selection.

Test Highlights

  • Reports known/novel gene fusions & RNA expression in 1,385 cancer-related genes such as ABL1, ALK, EWSR1, RET, ROS1, and RUNX1
  • Provides both qualitative and quantitative results
  • Compatible with multiple sample types including peripheral blood, bone marrow and FFPE tissue
  • Useful as a complement to FISH or other diagnostic technologies when necessary
  • Pharma Services ready

Clinical Applications

  • Aids in diagnosis, prognosis and therapy selection
  • Identifies genomic abnormalities in rare tumors including those associated with pediatric patients
  • Available as an alternative methodology when dealing with limited samples
  • Useful for finding clinically actionable biomarkers and has potential for identifying targets for immuno-oncology therapies
  • Clinical research

Ordering Info

Specimen Options

  • Peripheral blood
  • Bone marrow aspirate
  • FFPE slides or block


14-21 days


Gene List

Universal Fusion/Expression Profile Gene List


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