Test Description

Probes: Centromere X | Centromere Y
Note: Testing is performed only on a global basis at this time.
Disease(s): Molar pregnancy (hydatidiform mole), partial mole, triploidy

Clinical Significance

Along with morphological exam, FISH for chromosomes X and Y can be useful in differentiating true molar pregnancy (46, XX) from partial molar triploid pregnancy (69, XXY or XYY).

Specimen Requirements
  • Fresh, unfixed tissue: N/A
  • Paraffin block: Send paraffin block
Storage and Transportation

Use cold pack for transport, making sure cold pack is not in direct contact with specimen.

CPT Code(s)*
88377x1 manual or 88374x1 automated
Turnaround Time

5-7 days

Level of Service

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