Flow Cytometry
Test Description

Available as a global test only. DNA stain is DRAQ5™ to determine S-phase cell cycle fraction and DNA index as indicators of DNA ploidy in fresh leukemia or lymphoma specimens. Two markers will be added for gating; which specific markers are used depends on the phenotype of the abnormal population.
Phenotyping requirement: If concurrent tech-only or global flow immunophenotyping was not done at NeoGenomics, client must submit a flow report showing the immunophenotype of abnormal cells or a description of the immunophenotype.
Indication note: Samples are only accepted from hematopoietic neoplasms for this test. Please see DNA Ploidy/Cell Cycle Analysis – POC/Solid Tumors for other indications.

Clinical Significance

S-phase and ploidy analysis have diagnostic and prognostic value in assessment of some malignancies. In general, high S-phase fractions and/or aneuploidy may be associated with a more aggressive tumor.

Specimen Requirements
  • Bone marrow aspirate or peripheral blood: 1-2 mL EDTA preferred. 1-2 mL minimum in sodium heparin tube or ACD (pale yellow/no gel separator) is acceptable. Please provide recent CBC report.
  • Bone marrow core: 1-2 cm minimum core length in RPMI.
  • Fresh, unfixed tissue: 0.2 cm3 minimum in RPMI.
  • Fluids and FNAs: Equal parts RPMI and specimen.
  • FFPE samples: N/A
Storage and Transportation

Specimens should be received at NeoGenomics within 72 hours from collection to assure sample integrity and acceptable cell viability. Refrigerate specimen. Do not freeze. Use cold pack for transport, making sure cold pack is not in direct contact with specimen.

CPT Code(s)*
Turnaround Time

1 day

Level of Service

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