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Liquid Biopsy Testing for PIK3CA Mutation

For years, researchers have looked into liquid biopsy as a potentially useful tool to help Health Care Providers assess a patient’s response to treatment, monitor cancer recurrence and even detect…


A spotlight on CDx development

NeoGenomics will share several posts focusing on CDx development. We will be launching an occasional updated blog covering our thoughts, musings, and opinions on personalized medicine.Or other topics…


Being Comprehensive in Hematologic Malignancies

The need for comprehensive testing seems obvious in the context of working up most cases of hematologic malignancies. However, there is still a perception gap amongst oncology providers of…


Improving Diagnosis of Barrett’s Esophagus

Esophageal cancer, while relatively uncommon, has risen dramatically over the past several decades. Currently it is the sixth most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide and its…


Expert approaches to resolving challenging areas in diagnostic pathology

Diagnostic conundrum: Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma or a mimic?


MultiOmyx 101: An Introduction to Multiplexing Technology

MultiOmyx multiplex assay reveals increases in tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte density and PD-L1 expression in tumors after oncolytic virotherapy.
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