Data Analysis Solutions for Next-Gen Sequencing

What is NeoSEQ?

  • Online application to view, export and analyze your sequencing data 
  • Accelerate research projects and free up bioinformatics resources using our clinical grade mutation calling pipeline
  • Optimize your variant calling with custom allele frequency and depth of coverage settings
  • Easily export pre-filtered data directly into excel, or download BAM and VCF easily and securely

NeoSEQ is different 

All of our NeoSeq offerings are high quality paired-end high depth Illumina-based sequencing in our CAP/CLIA approved laboratory in addition to secure access to our analysis pipeline.

Tuned pipeline

NeoSEQ Graph

Figure 1. A clinical grade mutation calling pipeline for NeoSEQ takes advantage of three different algorithms (A-C) to identify clinically significant somatic SNVs and small indels at 1-5% Allele frequency. 498 cancers from different patients were sequenced with either a NeoSEQ Myeloid or NeoSEQ Tumor gene panel depending on the disease. Each case was individually analyzed and clinical reports were written for the 326 mutations observed. The default clinical grade pipeline can be further optimized and additional mutations can be discovered by using the advanced options. The pipeline is free to use for clients.

Panels we offer

NeoSEQ Panels

Flexible sample input*

  • Blood
  • Plasma
  • Fresh Frozen or FFPE
  • Cells
  • Tissue sectioned slides
  • Isolated DNA Libraries

*Need help with sample collection? We can help as we are a full service clinical diagnostic laboratory

FAST Turnaround Time

  • Average time is 2 weeks for small common sample type projects
  • Please inquire for larger/complicated projects

Flexible Secure Data Delivery 

  • Data transfers through a secured FTP portal or password protected hard drive
  • Custom data delivery also available


  • Expert sales, technical, and clinical support available

Additional Bioinformatics Support and Reporting 

Should you find that you need additional support, we are here to help.  NeoGenomics offers world-class customized bioinformatics and client services.