Viral Genotyping

Using the full-length shotgun approach for viral genome sequencing, we deliver:

  • Greater depth of coverage from sequencing multiple subclones
  • Improved ability to detect low level mutations
  • Independence on a pre-existing reference sequence
  • Full-length coverage, double-strand sequencing
  • Average coverage typically exceeds 8x
  • Low level mutations detection
  • Quality reviewed, signed final report
  • Virus nucleic acid extraction
  • PCR or RT-PCR amplification
  • Proprietary subtyping bioinformatics workflow
  • TAT: 2-4 weeks
  • Sample type and amount: viral particles, viral supernatant, blood/serum, oral/nasopharyngeal/throat/urogenital swabs


  • Service includes Adenovirus purification from viral stock through comparative sequence analysis
  • Ability to detect low level mutations

Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)

  • AAV vector purification from stock
  • Sequence of entire AAV vector construct
  • Clear delineation of sequence base calls through ITRs

Herpesvirus, HPV

  • Sequencing of HSV recombinant and amplicon vectors
  • Vector DNA purification
  • Transposon mutagenesis and sequencing available


  • DNA extraction from purified virons
  • Experienced with cloning, sequencing & assembling large inverted terminal repeats and tandem repeats
  • Transposon mutagenesis and sequencing available