The Right Partner for Your Sanger Sequencing Project

With more than 20 years of Sanger sequencing experience, including a bank of AB 3730xl instruments, NeoGenomics Laboratories is an industry leader and reliable partner for sequencing services.

Sample Type/Minimum Requirements

  • FFPE, ≥ 10 unstained slides
  • Cell culture, 106 cells
  • Virus
  • Plasmid, BAC (500ng/reaction), 150 ng/µL

Regulatory Sequencing

  • CLIA-Certified and CAP-accredited  facility
  • FDA submission quality reports
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance supporting personnel
  • TAT: 1-2 weeks

SNP Sequencing

  • Assay development and validation with many pre-validated genes already available
  • Mutation profile and sequencing report available
  • Experienced with tumor sample and working with parrafin-embedded tissues
  • Bi-directional sequencing, quality scores, and quality control system to ensure true SNP discovery (limited of detection to 20% mutation frequency)
  • Secondary validations through allelic discrimination qPCR services
  • TAT: 1-2 weeks

Primer Walking for Unknown Plasmid Inserts

  • Design and synthesize custom primers as needed, followed by a round of sequencing.
  • This process is then repeated until your region of interest is completely sequenced and assembled.
  • Single-strand  and double-strand  primer walking
  • TAT: 1-2 weeks

High Throughput Sequencing

  • >650bp Q20 read lengths typical
  • >90% average pass rate
  • 96 - well format
  • TAT: 24-48 hours