High Sensitivity and Reproducibility

NeoGenomics' Pharma Services offers a full suite of qPCR services including assay design and validation, to statistical analysis. The qPCR assay is an extremely sensitive and reproducible method for a variety of applications including but not limited to gene expression analysis and gene copy number determination including RNA or DNA extraction, qPCR primer design and validation, qPCR reaction optimization, and complete data analysis including normalization of samples with internal controls. Relative and absolute analysis of gene expression by qPCR is available for all known genes in any organism.

Sample type / minimum requirements

  • Total RNA, 2-3 µg (minimum)
  • Cell culture, 106 cells
  • Flash frozen tissue, 2-5 g per sample
  • Plasmid DNA, 5 µg
  • TAT: Assay Design, Order and Development: 2-3 weeks
qPCR Equipment

Key features of our qPCR services include the following:

  • Technical support for experimental design based on your need and criteria­
  • Sample preparation such as RNA/DNA extraction, purification and QC­
  • Design of high-performance RT-PCR assays: robust, sensitive and reproducible­
  • Design of customized PCR primers/ probe based on TaqMan® assay or SYBR green­
  • Reliable results generated by state-of-the-art bioinformatics analysis­
  • Easy-to-understand report containing raw and normalized Ct Values in Excel forma
  • Data analysis services include delta-delta Cts values and graphical presentation of genes with unique expression and differential regulation patterns
  • All results including amplification graph of samples and the standard curve available in electronic and hard copy formats
qPCR Analysis

Examples of qPCR Analyses that are performed at NeoGenomics:

  • Gene expression analysis (relative and absolute quantification
  • Copy number variation (CNV) analysis­
  • Confirmatory/validation testing for NGS and NanoString data­
  • Genotyping and Allelic discrimination­
  • miRNA analysis­
  • NA methylation analysis­
  • CpG-methylation analysis­
  • SNP typing­
  • Pathogen detection and quantification­
  • Plasmid quantification­
  • qPCR data analysis and data mining with professional software
  • Optimum reference gene analysis

Available qPCR platforms:

  • ABI7900
  • Rotorgene Q
  • Cobas Z480
  • ABI ViiA7