RNA Sequencing Highlights

Comprehensive Genomic Information – Gene expression, SNPs, deletions, splice variations, novel transcripts and rearrangements, non-coding and miRNAs
No Probe Limitations – Sequencing accomplished without a reference genome, and identification of unknown exons at single-nucleotide resolution
Large Dynamic Range – Fine-tune RNA-Seq data output based on project requirements
Data Analysis and Visualization Tools – Comprehensive bioinformatics for project-specific requirements

Sample Type/Minimum Requirements:

  • FFPE, ≥ 10 unstained slides
  • Cell culture, 106 cells
  • Frozen section, >1 mg
  • Total RNA, 100 ng – 1 µg
  • TAT: 2-3 weeks, additional 1-2 weeks for analysis

Sample Prep and rRNA Depletion:

  • Illumina
  • Life Technologies
  • Single-cell RNA-Seq with Clontech™ cDNA synthesis kits


  • Differential expression analysis, splicing and promoter use
  • Matched tumor and normal or pre- and post-drug treatment (two-way or multi-variable comparison)
  • Isoform characterization
  • Identification of SNPs/variants
  • Pathway analysis

QC and Bioinformatics:

  • Basic statistics data - read length, data output, GC content, read counts
  • Quality scores

Downloadable White Paper:

Download RNA Sequencing