Liquid Biopsy Services

Next-Generation Sequencing Services

An easier way to obtain tumor materials for analysis

NeoGenomics Pharma Services offer our clients Liquid Biopsy (cfDNA and cfRNA) testing services with access to a medical and scientific staff that are pioneers in the field. Our robust menu of clinical assays cover both hematologic and solid tumors; they can be performed as single gene tests or multi-gene panels. In addition, we can develop custom assays to meet your project needs. 

Our liquid biopsy services can assist our clients in:

  • Performing tumor profiling
  • Surveillance of tumors and their response to therapy 
  • Monitor heterogeneity
  • Testing for minimal residual disease (MRD)
  • Helping predict early relapse

Testing using liquid biopsies is more sensitive than other diagnostic testing methods like bone marrow taps, which are invasive and painful for patients.

We use all molecular platforms, including:

  • Next-gen sequencing
  • qPCR
  • Sanger
  • Fragment analysis