NeoGenomics’ Immunoassay capabilities are currently globally at all Neo lab locations.

We offer clients access to our expert team who are accountable for assay development, validation guidelines, data integrity and client communication, new projects are assigned and managed by a personal project manager. Our scientists ensure that all methods are developed, and validated within the sponsor's desired timelines, samples are properly accessioned and analyzed accurately with quality control steps to ensure the accuracy of raw data and data tables.

Highlights of NeoGenomics’ Immunoassay Services

  • Cytokine testing, soluble markers such as growth factors from serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants
  • Cellular immunoassays
  • Surrogate markers
  • Quantitative measures of biological effects
  • Supporting applications: IO, ID, vaccines, autoimmunity, inflammation
  • In-transfer of novel or other technologies from partners
  • Custom assay development & validations
  • Luminex and Tecan platforms
Biomarker Assay Considerations

We offer single analyte ELISA testing and multiplex assays for the quantitative analysis of protein(s) with high specificity and sensitivity. Specimen types: serum, plasma, urine, CSF or cell lysates. Serum and plasma are currently validated. Other specimen types will have to be validated as needed.

  • Applications
  • Immunotherapy
  • Inflammatory disease e.g. UC, Crohn’s or RA
  • Vaccines
  • Infectious disease e.g. HIV, Dengue, Ebola
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Toxicology, neuroscience and many other research and clinical areas

Validation Data

Validation Data Graph


The inter-assay variability was an average of <10% CV for all analytes.

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