Leverage our Healthcare Information Services

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Healthcare information from over 10 million samples available and growing daily.

NeoGenomics Healthcare Information Services provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with a curated database of clinical oncology samples. Our data will help answer key questions about product development at every stage of the development and commercialization process.

Post Market

Sales Alerts - Use our data to guide commercial teams to where patient populations are receiving treatment. Weekly data feeds are available based on testing volumes we receive.

Testing Performance - Positivity rates across geography can vary for numerous reasons such as:

  • Improper sample handling
  • Population diversity
  • Environmental factors

Case study

Reimbursement - use our data to identify average reimbursement rates for companion diagnostics, reimbursed ICD-10 codes and insurance carriers that cover testing

Correlation with other data


Biomarker/Disease prevalence - Use our data to gather true biomarker populations and project market size to more accurately forecast sales volumes

Demographics - Use our database to identify geographic populations of elevated or decreased disease incidence; identify populations age, gender, ethnicity and insurance providers

Data Services, Specimen Collected
Data Services, Positivity by Age Group
Data Services, Geographical Distribution
Data Services, Test Result Positivity

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