Global Capabilities

Global Capabilities

NeoGenomics Pharma Services now has an international presence. Opening its first European laboratory in Rolle, Switzerland, just outside Geneva, in October 2017, NeoGenomics brings a unique service offering that has been highly successful in the US. The company offers a wide-ranging menu of over 650 tests which includes IHC, FISH, Flow Cytometry, Molecular, Next-Generation Sequencing, Cytogenetics, and its proprietary MultiOmyx™ technology. Leveraging the breadth of menu with volumes in excess of ~60,000 tests a month gives NeoGenomics an unparalleled insight into cancer testing. With over 13 years’ experience serving the needs of the oncology, pathology, and pharma community, NeoGenomics has played a critical role in improving patient care and advancing precision medicine. Having participated in hundreds of immunotherapy and other biomarker development trials, NeoGenomics has a truly unique track record.

The value proposition of NeoGenomics translates well globally as we have core values that any business would appreciate:

  1. We start when you are ready – whether that is today or six months from now, we are here to serve
  2. We guarantee a one business day response on project inquiries, regardless of your location
  3. We will deliver your project data at the highest level, and we format it to meet your specific requirements

What Differentiates NeoGenomics from Other Labs?

  1. MultiOmyx proprietary technology - evaluation of up to 60 biomarkers in a single slide
  2. Largest global provider of PD-L1 IHC
  3. Test modality offerings in Europe mirror those in North America
  4. Global SOPs across all lab locations providing greater continuity and QA
  5. Proven commercialization record
  6. Agility in project customization
  7. NeoGenomics is committed to quality and our Rolle, Switzerland lab is now fully CAP accredited. We are only the 3rd lab in the country to achieve this accreditation.

Scientific Consultation

The scientific team at NeoGenomics Pharma Services is dedicated to providing our clients with meaningful information that helps them solve real world problems. The team provides consultation across the continuum of development from pre-clinical research and development through CDx commercialization. Our medical, scientific and regulatory expertise is a key strength. With over 60 MDs and PhDs on staff, we have a wide range of expertise in oncology.

In the News

Our Switzerland laboratory was recently featured in the Canton of Vaud’s Annual Report - read it here.

NeoGenomics Around the World

Our global locations make it easy to work with NeoGenomics no matter where you are located.

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