Women's Health and Fitness Day

September 27 is National Women's Health And Fitness Day. This annual observance strives to spread education about health and wellness, encourage women to prioritize their health, and more.

At NeoGenomics, we believe that a discussion about health should always include a discussion about cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 3 women1 will develop a cancer in their lifetime. Unfortunately, despite the prevalence of cancer, not all patients are receiving the appropriate cancer tests.

Tumor profiling is a crucial step in a patient’s cancer journey, as it’s been shown to significantly impact outcomes. When a cancer’s unique hallmarks are discovered, it can mean that patients become eligible for targeted treatments. This is known as precision medicine – and is at the heart of NeoGenomics’ mission to save lives by improving patient care.

We are passionate about removing barriers to critical testing. We have partnered with several organizations on sponsored testing programs, which provide testing to eligible patients for emerging biomarkers of several specific cancers.

FOLR1 Ovarian Cancer Testing Program

Folate Receptor alpha (FRα) is an actionable therapeutic target in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. It is important to test all ovarian cancer patients for FRα expression because approximately 35% of them are expected to be positive for FRα. 

FRα is an actionable target with the approval of ELAHERE™ (mirvetuximab soravtansine-gynx), an FDA-approved FRα—targeting antibody drug conjugate (ADC) for platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. This means that over a third of people with advanced ovarian cancer may have a new treatment option.

NeoGenomics and ImmunoGen partnered on a FOLR1 sponsored testing initiative called FR-ASSIST™, which helps reduce barriers to immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing for novel biomarkers and to aid oncologists in making informed treatment decisions for their ovarian cancer patients. 

To learn more, visit: NeoGenomics.com/diagnostic-services/sponsored-testing-programs/folr1-ovarian-cancer-testing-program.

Breast Cancer: PIK3CA Mutation CDx

PIK3CA is the most commonly mutated gene in patients with HR+/HER2- advanced (aBC) or metastatic breast cancer (mBC). Studies have shown up to 40% of patients with HR+/HER2- aBC may present with a PIK3CA mutation, and these patients may face an overall worse prognosis.

Testing with the FDA-approved PIK3CA Mutation CDx Test can identify patients with a PIK3CA mutation who are eligible for PIQRAY® (alpelisib), an alpha-specific PI3K inhibitor. 

NeoGenomics exclusively offers the PIK3CA Mutation CDx Sponsored Testing Program, which provides eligible patients access to this testing at no cost.

To learn more, visit: NeoGenomics.com/diagnostic-services/sponsored-testing-programs/pik3ca-mutation-cdx.

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2: https://www.cancer.org/healthy/cancer-facts/cancer-facts-for-women.html#:~:text=Some%20of%20the%20cancers%20that,may%20help%20save%20your%20life

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