Lite Paper: Real-World PD-L1 Testing Data Provides Insight into the Evolving Immuno-oncology Landscape

The examination of testing and treating patterns in clinical practice provides crucial insight into patient outcomes to inform optimal therapeutic selection.

As the leading laboratory for PD-L1 testing in the US, NeoGenomics took a critical look at PD-L1 trends in the community setting to understand how testing has evolved along with the expanding treatment landscape. 

In this paper, you will learn:

  • how checkpoint inhibitors have revolutionized the oncology landscape;
  • whether testing trends are keeping pace with treatment innovations; and
  • how real-world lab data can enhance patient journey studies and power precision oncology initiatives.



Contact us to learn how we can utilize our NeoNucleus database to answer your strategic questions across the entire drug development lifecycle through commercialization. See how we pair claims and third-party data to help you holistically understand the patient journey from initial diagnosis to treatment selection and beyond.

Frank Scarpa 
Client Engagement Manager 
NeoGenomics Informatics

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