Enabling Precision Medicine for Breast Cancer Patients

Approximately every 2 minutes, a woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer1. This high prevalence has led to rigorous standards of practice, from diagnosis to treatment. For oncologists, these standards are often foundational to therapy plans, especially when breast is one of the many cancers they will see every day. 

However, care is shifting away from a one-size-fits-all approach. Cancer care has seen a rapid evolution toward what has become known as precision medicine. Precision medicine is a model where the care plan is customized to each patient and the unique hallmarks driving their cancer. The practice of precision medicine utilizes improved diagnostics and therapeutics, which have advanced outcomes and saved lives. But the shift toward precision oncology can create clinical confusion due to the vast number of breast cancer-focused tests. It can become further complicated when healthcare providers are required to utilize multiple cancer labs to complete the diverse range of tests for early-stage to advanced-stage breast cancer patients.

The inconsistency of incorporating molecular profiling into cancer treatment was illustrated in a survey3 that polled 292 community-based oncologists and found that only 8% of providers ordered molecular profiling for breast cancer. In addition, when the polled physicians2 were asked to match molecular alterations with appropriate targeted therapies, up to 69% of the responses were incorrect.

Similar results were observed from the patient perspective. 

Molecular testing is an area of which patients are largely unfamiliar. This has been particularly true for patients treated at community centers, who were significantly less aware of genomic profiling than patients treated at an academic center3.

It’s precisely these realities that fuel the NeoGenomics mission. We are dedicated to partnering alongside each cancer care team to improve outcomes. We strive to meet challenges in the cancer community.

Navigating diagnostic test ordering and empowering physicians with quick and actionable results is the NeoGenomics purpose in action. NeoGenomics offers the continuum of testing: diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and germline testing for early-stage to advanced stage.

Our breast cancer portfolio takes a more in-depth look at what’s driving the cancer, such as PD-L1 expression, as well as BRCA 1/2 and PIK3CA mutations. The NeoTYPE® Breast Tumor Profile analyzes 60 biomarkers through a combination of next-generation sequencing (NGS), FISH, and IHC and includes a summary interpretation of all results to help guide treatment decisions.

This comprehensive and multimodal approach to breast cancer profiling is accurate and actionable. In an internal review of 100 consecutive NeoTYPE® Breast Tumor Profile cases informative for NGS, 96 patients had results with therapeutic implications, including clinical trials.

For example, PIK3CA is an actionable biomarker. It is the second most common mutation observed in all breast cancer patients4 and the most common mutation in HR+/HER2- breast cancers.

At NeoGenomics, we believe that every patient should have access to quality health care. We are proud to offer a first-of-its-kind sponsored testing program that provides eligible patients with an FDA-approved PIK3CA Mutation CDx Test at no cost. It can determine eligibility for PIQRAY® in patients with advanced or metastatic breast cancer harboring HR+/HER2- tumors. For a cancer typically with limited treatment options, this test can pave the way for more options.

This is just one of the many offerings from NeoGenomics. Compared to other labs, NeoGenomics provides a complete suite of tests that meet the clinical demands throughout the breast cancer journey; all stages, all hormone status, and for all clinical needs. We are often referred to as a one-stop-shop for any cancer type because having diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive tests under one roof. This allows physicians to save time and reduce complexities by consolidating their testing into one lab.

NeoGenomics is One Lab. Vital Answers. Transforming Care for Cancer Patients.


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