The Breakroom Video Series

Episode 1, Chapter 1

NeoGenomics is proud to share the Breakroom video series. The Breakroom Video Series is a relaxed and engaging conversation between a pathologist and medical oncologist, discussing relevant topics in cancer care. These conversations provide a multidisciplinary perspective to cancer management that will cover areas in cancer diagnostics, from the dynamics of a cancer care team to therapeutic decision-making*.
Episode one features a conversation between Dr. Derek Lyle, Chief Medical Officer at NeoGenomics, and Dr. Hatim Husain, Medical Oncologist, Associate Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego Health.
The Breakroom's Episode 1, Chapter 1 focuses on how the development of the biomarker landscape has dramatically improved personalized treatment strategies for lung cancer patients due to the amount of information that oncologists can access.
The vast volume of information creates complexity and diverse needs for each case; however, a few things remain true in cancer care: information must be easy to obtain and interpret to enable multidisciplinary discussions to get the patients on the right therapy.
Oncologists are also facing challenges with the scarcity of sufficient tissue specimens for a broad range of biomarker testing. In fact, tissue quantity not being sufficient (QNS) can be as high as 30% in lung cancer cases. This impact on cancer care has advanced the testing approach to include liquid biopsy as a tenable option for broad biomarker testing in lung cancer.
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