Improve Diagnostic Test Development With Image-powered Insights


  • Explore >250K matched digital images with corresponding expression, genomics and proteomics
  • Connect with our in-house team of surgical pathologists to aid in annotation and development
  • Develop machine learning capabilities to boost analytical efficiency and accuracy of translational research


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Leverage our ever-growing library of whole-slide images to
  • Identify appropriate therapeutic targets and pathways
  • Select appropriate patient cohorts for initial testing
  • Develop early-phase dosing strategies and assess dosage response
  • Serve as a surrogate endpoint in clinical studies
  • Train systems and staff with real-world examples 


Tap into the power of NeoGenomics to develop cutting-edge machine learning capabilities
  • Customizable whole-slide imaging (WSI) viewer to support supervised learning models
  • Cloud-enabled platform with API for easy access and use
  • H&E region of interest (ROI) mapping and scoring on select tumor types
  • Tumor typing on select tumor types
  • Cell classification, expression scoring, spatial analysis, cell classification, and more