Drive Biomarker Adoption And Precision Oncology Across Your Brands


  • Understand the diagnostic landscape and gain insights with account and provider segmentation
  • Identify provider ordering and prescribing signals in real-time using lab, EMR and genomics data
  • Collaborate with our commercial and medical teams to drive biomarker testing to under-served populations


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Comprised of more than 1.9M patient profiles, NeoGenomics clinico-genomic database can help you:
  • Track biomarker-testing trends and disease relevance to assess commercial potential
  • Interrogate unique patient cohorts for health economics and outcomes research
  • Build deep and insightful patient journeys that may elevate your commercial planning

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Using Real-World Lab Data Insights to Improve Biomarker Testing in Lung Cancer



Results that matter right when you need them
  • Maximize the impact of your diagnostic and therapeutic teams can have by communicating the right message to the right provider at the right time
  • Integrate digital signals directly into your data warehouse or CRM application to support commercial activities
  • Execute brand specific sales and marketing campaigns around specific personas or customer segments using near-real time lab, EMR and genomics data


Exclusive to NeoGenomics
  • Leverage one of the largest menus of oncology LDTs and CDx assays to accelerate your testing programs and efforts
  • Integrate triggers, lab alerts and digital signals with sponsored testing to bring the right diagnostic testing message, to the right provider, at the right time
  • Power future observational studies by integrating sponsored testing programs into a registry and longitudinal follow-up of unique patient populations