Trapelo™ Clinical Decision Support

Trapelo for Precision Oncology

Trapelo Health offers the first-of-its-kind, interoperable, decision-support platform used by physicians, laboratories, and payers to inform testing and treatment selection, improve clinical trials matching, streamline workflow and facilitate real-time alignment with the most current clinical evidence.

The Trapelo Health precision oncology knowledge system

The Trapelo Health up-to-date knowledge system not only informs precisely which biomarkers should be tested for each patient and which tests are appropriate, but it also aligns to the patient's cancer diagnosis, molecular test results, national guidelines, FDA indications and payer policy to provide clinicians with a comprehensive overview of treatment options, including clinical trials.


Trapelo delivers value to the oncology practice

Trapelo's configurable platform facilitates real-time, automated collaboration among physicians, laboratories and payers, systematizing and supporting comprehensive evidence-based molecular testing and treatment selection.

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