Molecular Oncology and Pathology

Molecular Testing has Become the Primary Tool for Precision Medicine.

NeoGenomics continues to offer the most comprehensive molecular testing services available with more than 150 molecular assays. These different levels of services range from single gene testing, targeted profile testing, broad spectrum tumor testing and beyond.

In addition to having one of the fastest development cycles in the industry, NeoGenomics is committed to providing a full complement of clinically relevant diagnostic, predictive, and prognostic tests, and to helping our clients effectively incorporate these tests into the care of their patients.

Highlights of Our Molecular Services

  • The most comprehensive combination of single-gene and multi-parameter tumor profiles available spanning the complete spectrum of testing options
  • Full range of molecular diagnostic technologies including next-gen sequencing, quantitative PCR, gold-standard Sanger sequencing, and SNP microarray
  • Testing enhancements to improve detection of low-level abnormalities in select assays through plasma analysis and high-sensitivity sequencing
  • All complementary testing methods including morphology, cytogenetics, FISH, flow cytometry, and IHC are available in-house, which maximizes yield from small specimens and minimizes TAT
  • Pharma Services supporting academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and the biotechnology industry

Specimen and Ordering Information

Specimen Requirements

Acceptable specimen types vary by test, so please see our website for requirements for the test of interest. NeoGenomics’ molecular testing is routinely performed on the following specimen types:

  • Peripheral blood: 5 mL in EDTA tube
  • Bone marrow: 2 mL in EDTA tube
  • FFPE tissue: Paraffin block or FFPE slides cut at 5 or more microns. Please use positively-charged slides and 10% NBF fixative. Do not use zinc fixatives
  • Fresh tissue: 1 cm3 fresh tissue that is mostly tumor in RPMI

Ordering Options:

  • Single gene tests
  • Panels and profiles
  • Tests in panels or profiles may be ordered separately or in custom combinations

Recently Added Tests

These tests were recently added to our menu. Test details and specimen requirements may be viewed and printed via the following links


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