Quality Cytogenetics Remain a Cornerstone of Cancer Diagnostics

Cytogenetics, also called chromosome analysis or karyotyping, involves the study of normal and abnormal chromosomes and their relationship to disease. Cytogenetic studies are often ordered to answer diagnostic, prognostic and predictive questions in the treatment of hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. Acute leukemias, lymphomas and chronic myeloid and lymphoid disorders are examined to establish the exact nature of the acquired genetic change. In most leukemias and lymphomas, changes in chromosome number (ploidy) or chromosome structure (rearrangements) are often observed. Rearrangements including translocations, inversions, and deletions can usually be detected under a light microscope.

We offer traditional G-banding for metaphase analysis which includes the detection of chromosomal translocations, insertions, inversions, deletions and duplications. In addition, proprietary wet lab processes increase the length of chromosomes and improve resolution, allowing our team members to ensure that the highest quality karyotype is produced.

Highlights of Our Cytogenetics Program

  • Industry-leading turnaround time of 5 days for blood and bone marrow analysis
  • Standard and special specimen types including solid tumors and POC
  • In-house SNP array for detection of cryptic abnormalities and UPD
  • Extensive in-house FISH probe library allows efficient case follow-up when needed
  • Automation of metaphase identification
  • Analysis by two independent cytogenetic technologists with an additional quality control check for each case
  • Result sign-out by a board-certified cytogeneticist

Specimen Information:

NeoGenomics’ cytogenetic testing is routinely performed on the following specimens:

  • Bone Marrow Aspirate: 1-2mL Sodium Heparin tube
  • Peripheral Blood: 2-5mL Sodium Heparin tube
  • Lymph Node/Tissue Biopsy: minimum 0.5 cm3 requested (please see test details)
  • Products of conception (POC) dissected villi preferred (please see test details)

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