Lilly Lung Cancer Sponsored Testing Program

With NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA - Lung

Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) in advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Single biomarker testing rates in NSCLC have increased slightly over the years. However, rates of comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) continue to remain low despite recommendations from clinical guidelines.1

Broad molecular testing remains underutilized though many patients with aNSCLC are eligible for personalized therapy.

  • ~50% of metastatic NSCLC patients are being tested for the five common biomarkers ALK, BRAF, EGFR, ROS1 and PD-L11
  • Up to 55% of metastatic NSCLC patients have clinically relevant mutations2

To order NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA-Lung through the Lilly Sponsored Testing Program, please contact Client Services or your local representative.

To support CGP, the Lilly Lung Cancer Sponsored Testing Program provides access to testing at no cost for eligible patients, exclusively through NeoGenomics

What is included in the Program?
  • One (1) tissue-based CGP test by NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA - Lung is provided per the eligibility criteria. This is an NGS-based profile targeting 50 genes most relevant to the management of NSCLC. PD-L1 by IHC is optional.
  • Follow-up with InVisionFirst®-Lung Liquid Biopsy is available should tissue-based testing prove insufficient for profiling.
  • No patient, health care program, or beneficiary shall be billed for these tests. Lilly will cover the cost of testing for eligible patients regardless of the test results and treatment decision.
  • Mobile Phlebotomy services are available for Liquid Biopsy at no cost to patients.
Who is eligible?

This Program provides opportunities for clinicians who typically order single-gene testing to evaluate and build experience with comprehensive genomic profiling.

A patient with advanced or metastatic NSCLC is eligible if all of the following are true:

  • Patient has no known molecular biomarker
  • Patient has not had prior comprehensive biomarker testing
  • Patient has not been previously tested under this Program
  • Patient lives and receives treatment in the United States or a US Territory, except New York
    Sorry, this Program is not yet available to New York patients.
What if my patient has already had biomarker testing?

If a patient had limited biomarker testing and results were negative, he or she is eligible. Patients who have had a positive biomarker result are not eligible for the Program. Patients who already had comprehensive genomic profiling are not eligible whether results were positive or negative.

What biomarkers are tested?

NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA - Lung tests a total of 50 genes for SNVs/indels, CNVs, and/or RNA fusions including all guideline-supported established and emerging markers. Please contact us or see our webpages for details about NeoTYPE® DNA & RNA - Lung and InVisionFirst®-Lung Liquid Biopsy.

When can I expect results?

Tissue results will be sent to the ordering physician’s office or laboratory within 14 days after the tissue sample is received. If liquid biopsy is performed, results can be expected 5-7 days after the blood is received.

Contact your NeoGenomics Sales Consultant or Client Services at 866.776.5907 for more information.


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