Women's Health Services

Reference testing for HPV and other STIs by molecular analysis, ISH, and IHC

When NeoGenomics acquired the PathLogic anatomic pathology service in Summer 2014, we made it even easier for our clients to look to NeoGenomics as the ‘one-stop shop’ for highly specialized AP testing services.

With the expanded capability in Women’s Health testing, our hospital and pathology-based clients now have access to more reference testing options for sexually transmitted infections and HPV assessment in women and men.

Testing Highlights

  • FDA-approved testing for HPV, CT, NG, and trichromonas on ThinPrep® Paps using Hologic’s Panther™ system.
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea assays on liquid-based Paps, swabs, and urine using amplified RNA technology.
  • HPV high-risk testing with reflex to genotyping
  • Novel HPV ISH assay for cervical biopsies detects and distinguishes high vs. low risk subtypes


Please Contact Us via phone or email with any comments or questions, or choose from the following resources to learn more and get started.

Whitepaper “Overview of HPV Testing”

In this paper by NeoGenomics physicians and scientists, we review molecular and in situ hybridization testing methods for HPV high risk detection and genotyping in cervical cytology specimens and biopsies. Applications of HPV testing in anogenital infections and head and neck cancers are also discussed.

Printable Test Details

Review and print test descriptions, specimen requirements, turnaround times, CPT codes, and other test information here.

Tests can be ordered through our online ordering system or via this writeable, printable PDF.

Women’s Health Molecular Specimen Guide